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Lasertube LT8.10

The choice of those who don't
believe in compromises


The new LT8.10 is a laser tube for those who do not believe in compromises: fiber laser source, tube diameters up to  240 mm and 40 kg/m, 3D tilt cutting, very broad range of configurations available, excellent performance and ease of use.

The fiber laser source enables processing of any metal (copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, zinc, iron, etc.) with performance and quality that have been until now unattainable.

TubeCutter, the new 3D cutting head, developed exclusively by BLM GROUP, is both compact and light, and offers unique cutting performance and quality, particularly when tilt cutting thick wall steel for weld preparations or for making angle bracing or joints in tubular  structures.

The capability of selecting different loading and unloading configurations, and the ability to separate different finished parts in different positions makes the LT8.10 the right solution for all types of production needs, for both large and small production lots.

Choose the right configuration


The entire process of moving whole bars and finished cut parts is performed automatically by means of the machines loading and unloading devices. Loading can take place automatically from either the front or rear depending on the loader selected. Bars can load from a bundle loader, a step by step device or a single bar loading station. The latter two devices are used for 'special shaped sections' or open profiles or or short run requiremnts.


Unloading solutions: facilitation of further stages


Long parts can be programmed to unload to both the front and part of the machine. By planning production according to part discharge lengths production can be maximized.

Short parts (less than 500mm) are discharged via running belt conveyor that quickly moves parts out and maximizes the machines productivity.

Benefits of the fiber laser technology


The fiber laser source is the perfect choice when production is oriented towards medium and thin tube wall thicknesses cut with nitrogen assist gas. For these applications the fiber laser offers a significant increase in speed, and thus productivity, in comparison with traditional CO2 laser cutting technology.

Additional benefits of the fiber laser include dramatically reduced maintenance requirements and significantly lower electricity consumption in comparison with CO2. Both of these benefits translate into a significant reduction of machine operating costs.

Attention to details during the entire process


All surfaces supporting and guiding the tubes during loading phases are, upon request, covered with non-marring materials that prevents nicks and scratches in order to preserve the surface quality of the finished parts.

Every bar is measured for length during the loading phase. If the machine detects a difference between the expected length and the actual length, it automatically calculates the best possible use of the available material and cuts the parts. This eliminates the need to have the operator manually checking bar lengths or reprogramming the part to run on a shorter bar.

During cutting, a series of intermediate supporting devices automatically rise to support bar during cutting. These supports prevent 'droop' in the bar which could introduce processing errors.

ALL ROAD: Cut any shaped tube you can imagine


Not only round, square or rectangular, but also special and open profiles can be programmed and cut without difficulty.

The availability of special tube profiles with various non-standard shapes (standard being round, square, rectangular) has expanded significantly in recent years.

LT8 is capable of processing special shapes as well as open profiles (U and C channel, angle iron, flat bar) without the need to use special tools or accessories.

Complete freedom for loading and unloading special shapes combined with the ability to  design and program special shaped parts are possible thanks to the' BLMelements' software package, and its unmatched power and ease of use.

Exterior and interior finished part quality


To keep the interior surface of a pipe clean and without residue, LT8 has a suction probe capable of collecting particles generated during laser cutting. The probe activates and moves automatically based of the diameter to be cut.


BLMelements: from the idea to part in one click


Drawing of a given piece part or an entire tubular frame and processing it in the machine's program software requires just a few several seconds and a few mouse clicks. It is possible to import 3D CAD models of the part and quickly send all information required to the machine to start production.

Thanks to Artube, one of the most complete and advanced CAD/CAM, developed specially for pipes available on the market, the laser tube's potential is utilized immediately, without errors and abortions.

The initial creation of part programs and their organization into production 'lots' is possible thanks to Protube software: : calculation of the required number of bars, part nesting and material optimization, cycle time estimation of time required and real-time monitoring of production progress. All this and much more thanks to the programming and production planning tools available with the Lasertube from BLM GROUP.

WHY A LT8.10

LT8.10 is a machine perfect for use 24/7 365 days per year. It can be configured in different lengths and with loading and unloading options to suite your requirements. It is the best balance of high performance and high flexibility to help you meet your challenging tube fabrication requirements.

Selecting BLM Group and fiber laser technology gives broad new capabilities and the promised of greater return on investment.