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A new electrical end former with up to 10 tons of force

The E-SHAPE is the new all-electric tube forming machine for end-forming and integrated stock removal (cutting and facing) jobs utilizing VGP2D programming software.

This new tube forming system is all-electric, offers up to 10 tons of force and has no clearance constraints on the top of the machine. The punch table works horizontally and the machine has a large number of tools available to be used in the process. This means top-notch freedom in designing the parts to be made.

The machine can be configured as required with up to ten stations: seven push steps and three rotary steps or eight push steps and two rotary steps. The machine can be tooled with rotary tools and cutting tools for tapering, flaring, closing, facing and cutting etc. to obtain high quality repeatable shaped ends with consistent wall thickness.

Finally, integrated job management provides much faster cycle time and loading-unloading operations with better overall job quality. The all-electric technology helps to achieve extremely high processing accuracies with very short machine set-up times.

The E-SHAPE tube former is available in the following configurations:

  • E-SHAPE82 - configured with 8 fixed passes and 2 rotating passes
  • E-SHAPE73 - configured with 7 fixed passes and 3 rotating passes

Load / Unload


Thanks to the wide range of loading devices customers can choose the best solution for their needs. Following are the main features of our handling systems:

  • Special pneumatic loader with double clamp for the simultaneous load/unload. The loading cycle occurs withing the machine processing cycle.
  • High-end automatic loader for automated sequential loading of both tube ends.
  • Robots, dedicated manipulators, bowl feeders the loading of bushings and other assembly components
  • Integration into manufacturing cells with robotic loading of cnc tube benders
  • Integration to AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) for part collection and distribution



The top of the machine is free of interferences. The available clamping table operates horizontally. A wide variety of attachments are available for different processes. Unrestricted, complete freedom to work.



The 10 ton forming force makes it possible to create any shape. Even process thick wall stainless steel or other materials. Thousands of shapes can be formed.