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Machining centre starting from coil
with end-forming and cutting

The 3-RUNNER is a complete processing system for tube straightening, cutting and end-forming from a coil. The cycle is fully automated and produces parts ready for assembly and or for other processes.

The 3-RUNNER can be configured and used with an array of modules to carry out single jobs or as a complete production process. The modular, customizable system can be built to match your needs and grow from the simplest configuration, for strengthening and cutting, to the most complete configuration, which also includes end-forming and sorted unloading.

The integrated end-forming operation saves cycle time, speeds up loading and unloading operations and consequently, increases job quality and repeatability.

It is particularly suited for processing tubes for automotive and HVAC applications.

The 3-RUNNER machine can be used for a wide array of processes by fitting a series of modules and accessories to add allow additional capabilities:

Cutting devices


Depending on the applications, the machine may be configured with different cutting devices:

  • Inner orbital cutting with fracture separation. Produces clean, chip free, cut off.
  • Outer orbital cutter - this tool is managed by two electric axes for faster speed and better cutting quality.



The machine is fed from a motorized coil reel with in-process tube advancement and recovery with the following features:

  • two-way motor
  • IDLE mode option selectable on the VGP3D program
  • pneumatic clutch adjustment to minimize jerks
  • full integration with machine software

horizontal or vertical coiler configuration available.


  • Fully automatic operation, because everything takes place in one machine cycle
  • Minimization of scrap material, thanks to feeding from a reel
  • Simpler logistics, without transitional passes and restarts for a given element on other machines
  • Maximum repeatability and quality with parallel control of 100% production



The unquestioned advantage of this processing center is that it can be integrated for multiple complex production processes, which traditionally have been performed in separate operation with multiple operators. The parallel execution of these operations, with a single operator, results in reduced processing time and lower production costs.

For example in the vehicle heating and air conditioning sector, where required process parameters (average radius, diameter, wall thickness) are more stringent and an part finish and appearance is critical, the combination of 3-RUNNER and SMART machines creates a completely integrated process that begins from coil and ends with high quality bent and formed parts.

Thanks to the performance of certain processing operations in parallel and optimization of material utilization, this solution is extremely effective at reducing cycle time and the cost of producing an element.



All configuration parameters are saved within the part program for a given piece. The elimination of mechanical adjustments during set up ensures maximum part repeatability. When a part is released from the clamp, it is measured "on the fly": additional process control adjustments for forming can be made automatically, in order to ensure continuous repeatability of a part without interrupting production.