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CNC tube bending machine ELECT XL

ELECT XL: multi-stack tube bending machine

Fully electric tube bending machine with VGP3D

Fully electric (12 axes) tube bending with 3D visual programming software (VGP3D), for tubes up to 150 mm.


  • Multi-stack (up to 8 stacks)
  • All critical machine setting parameters are established and managed by the CNC control (clamping, pressure die, mandrel, CLR)
  • Fixed or variable radius bending (with boost bending facility up to 60.000 N)
  • Constant repeatability and accuracy
  • Fully interchangeable bending tools
  • Cheaply to run (power consumption reduced up to 80% compared to electro-hydraulic machines)
  • Increase up to 200% % of the productivity, thanks to the advanced working cycle generated by the VGP3D.
  • Real-time, automatic simulation of the piece whilst it is being programmed (any possible tube collision with the machine or other possible encumbrances is highlighted)
  • Detection of the single axis position by absolute encoders (no more sensors for detecting the zero position therefore improved performances and higher reliance, as well as easier maintenance)

Programming is made through the BLM graphical interactive programming software VGP3D, with:

  • Component feasibility check and generation of the most suitable working cycle (times and costs)
  • Likely collision risks are highlighted and the most efficient avoidance route selected automatically
  • by simply inputting the components bend coordinates, the complete bending program is graphically simulated

Particularly suitable for bends with no straight between them, ELECT XL is primarily used for construction machines, industrial vehicles, as well as in branches such as railways, shipyard, automotive, motorcycles and hydraulic pipes.

The machine is available in different versions:
ELECT 102 - max bending capacity round tube up to 102x2 mm
ELECT 130 - max bending capacity round tube up to 130x2 mm
ELECT 150 - max bending capacity round tube up to 150x2 mm

Increase up to 200% of the productivity

Thanks to the perfect axis interpolation we could exploit at their best the simultaneity logics generated by our programming software VGP3D, with a cycle time reduction from 50% to 200% compared to machines without interpolation.

Reduced maintenance costs

The proposed solutions make the wiring on the machine easier. This means easy maintenance and reduced causes of breakdowns.

The limit switches on the cylinders, the mechanical adjustments and the connection cables often cause unexpected and unwanted machine breakdowns.

The removal of all hydraulic devices such as fittings, tubes, cylinders and valves allow to reduce the machine components usually

subject to maintenance, wear and breakage. The full-digital connections of the motors give the possibility to obtain information about the diagnostic of each single component and an important reduction of the reaction and maintenance time.

This means higher reliability of the components and therefore of the machine.

Up to 80% lower power consumption


The electrical axes for the movement of the main components of the machine allow a drastic reduction of the consumption compared with all bending machines of the same size but older and therefore electric-hydraulically driven.

When the motor is still, the speed is null and therefore also the absorbed power.This is not the case of an electric-hydraulic machine. As a matter of fact, when the machine is not working, the hydraulic circuit requires the continuous functioning of the pump in order to keep steady the machine pressure and therefore it consumes, also if not working, a lot of energy.

It's Environment-friendly


It's Environment-friendly (reduced noise level, no mineral oils, extremely reduced power consumptions).

The use of electric axes and the absence of the hydraulic cabinet grant a big reduction of noise and vibrations. Moreover, each single device is moved by an acceleration and deceleration ramp preventing crashes between the tools.

The noise level is lower than 70 dB(A). As confirmed by many studies. the lower noise reduces the fatigue of the operator and improves the working environment.

B-TOOLS - 1° piece is right

Each electric axis is driven by the control and its position/adjustment is saved with the part program. When tool is changed, it is no longer necessary to perform annoying adjustments of the machine because these are made using the electric movement of the axes.

The reduced tool set up time is a big advantage in order to produce small batches and to reduce scraps when the machine is adjusted after changeover.

The saved material for the tool set up brings an economic benefit of 7.000,00 EUR/year.

Moreover all set-up parameters are saved with the program therefore the set-up times are very short and, most of all, thanks to the position repeatability a particular knowledge of machine set-up is not required.

Feasibility of complex shapes

Electric drivers allow the production of very tight radii and of complex shapes with guaranteed repeatability. In particular:

  • medium bending radius 1D.
  • ovalisation < 1%;
  • thickness reduction < 20%;
  • no clamping marks