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The takeover of Montorfano




The takeover of Montorfano

BLM GROUP integrates tube with wire to deliver new value

BLM SPA reached and agreement for the purchase of Officina Meccanica Montorfano Sas in Cantù (Italy), company specialized in the manufacturing of patented multy-head machines for tube and wire.

The integration of the two companies, effective from 13th January 2009, provides the takeover of Montorfano Sas by BLM SPA and the transfer of all employees and designing activities (patent rights included), of the production, marketing and maintenance services to the BLM SPA headquarter.

The takeover of Montorfano Sas, present on the market for more than 40 years, allows BLM to increase further its offer of height technology in the tube bending field and to complete it with dedicated solutions of highly productive machines for the bending of wire, bars, metal straps and armoured heating elements.

These solutions have already been used with great satisfaction by customers working in the fields of automotive, household appliance, indoor and outdoor furnishing, equipments for shops and stores, building industry and bath accessories.

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