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New E-TURN32

Quality at fair price

BLM adds a new model to its immensely successful E-TURN series; E-TURN32, like all earlier E-TURN models, E-TURN32 is also an in-process RH & LH, all electric, CNC tube bending machine.  It is a multi-stack machine and can  bend tubes up to 32 mm in diameter. The CNC can control up to 13 different axes and this makes it versatile, flexible and productive.


Quality at fair price

tight curves on round profile for furniture industry

Thanks to the all electric construction and LEAN concepts used in the design process, the new E-TURN offers an irresistible price-performance ratio.

The E-Turn incorporates a number of engineering solutions to ensure long term quality.  For example the bending head uses low back-lash gear transmission; this ensures higher rigidity.

Our programming and simulation software VGP3D offers the possibility to define the position of each of the axes to optimize the cycle time.  On E-TURN, the perfect interpolation and synchronization of each of the machine axes transform this advantages into reality.  In certain cases the cycle time can be reduced by as much as 50%.


Up to 80% saving on electrical consumption

chart comparing electricity consumption among ending machines

The electric drives used on all axis movements also means a drastic reduction in electrical consumption compared to older generation machines which used hydraulic drives. When an axis is not moving the power consumption for that axis is practically zero.

In older generation hydraulic machines, the hydraulic power pack is always running to maintain the oil pressure. So even if the machine is not bending a tube, its power consumption is very high.



Green tech: technology that respects the environment

E TURN32 is environment-friendly because it has a reduced noise level, it does not use mineral oils and its power consumption is lower.

The noise level is lower than 70dB(A) because the continuously running hydraulic power-pack is absent. Many studies have proven that the lower noise level improves the working environment because it reduces the operator fatigue. Better working environment means a direct improvement in productivity.


1st piece is right

how to eliminate material waste in the bending process

Each movement on E-TURN32 is a controlled axis. Once the part-program is fine tuned to obtain the desired result on the bent tube, the position of each axis and its movement pattern is saved as an integral part of the bending program.

So when the same part is to be manufactured at a later stage, all these parameters are automatically loaded along with the part program. So the user has to only re-tool the machine and start producing. The first component of the new batch will be as good as the last component of the previous batch. This results in enormous saving of time required to again "fine tune" the part program and relevant material wasted for initial trials.

The capability to change the production quickly and economically is especially useful for small batch quantities. One study has shown that the material saving can amount to as much as € 7000 / year.


Feasibility of complex shapes

bent tube in furniture industry

Electric drives offer specific advantages while producing parts with complex shapes that involve tight bending radii. Since the position and movement of clamp die, wiper die, follower die and the mandrel can be precisely controlled, parts with following characteristics can be produced without any difficulty:

  • Mean bending radius < 1D.
  • Ovality < 1%;
  • Thickness reduction < 20%;
  • No clamping marks

Reduced maintenance costs

The electrical wiring layout of the machine is designed in such a way that it is easier to assemble and maintain. This means higher reliability and machine up-time.

The fully digital connection between the CNC and motors guarantee the availability of required information for control and diagnostic purposes resulting in higher reliability and reduced maintenance time.

The complete absence of hydraulic system components like tubes, fittings, valves and cylinders means a drastic reduction in the number of components subject to wear & tear.