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BLM GROUP celebrates 50 years of activity



BLM GROUP celebrates 50 years of activity

BLM GROUP celebrates 50 years of activity

50 years, challenging the limits of tube technology

An anniversary always offers a double opportunity: to look back and reflect on what has been done and to look ahead to find new goals, which is what BLM has always aimed for. A goal must not be considered simply an achievement, but rather a starting block which triggers the next target.


It is, however, useful to remember what factors have been decisive over these past fifty years for the growth of BLM and make good use of them for the future.


Human resources, have always been considered the real capital of the company.

Attention has been paid to creating favourable conditions for individual growth with continuous training and education in the company (individual growth is the engine to collective growth), but also through simple everyday actions such as tidiness and cleanliness.


The "culture of us"

A principle in which each person recognises that individual wealth derives from the company's wealth; the company has always been interpreted by me as a source of emotional energy and potential with the aim of creating social wealth.

From here, the value of a team is greater than the value of an individual with the intention of encouraging a broader and more horizontal than vertical vision.


The ability to make tough choices.

The acquisition of Adige. The acquisition of Montorfano. These were choices made almost entirely by entrepreneurial intuition and the ability to create business synergies.

Internationalisation. A must for a company's survival and growth. Sales and service close to the customer, speaking the same language, acquiring the same culture.

Research & Development, at all times and whatever the case, regardless of whether the economic conditions allow / encourage R&D or not, because added value is created only by bringing continuous benefits to customers. We all live in what we can define as the efficiency war.


All these factors have certainly contributed to the achievement of results that are now obvious to all, but are also the basis for looking towards the Group's development with confidence, because as mentioned in the title, we were born to grow!


Pietro Colombo
President & CEO