The perfect choice for those who accept no compromise

2D and 3D, Fiber and CO2 standard or special shape tubes

See what’s possible
Tube Cutter: new cutting head, plenty of advantages

Thermal efficiency. Sensors monitor cutting quality. Longer tapered section to increase accessibility on open profiles and special shaped sections. Lightness. To obtain increased productivity, reliability and robustness in the continuous processing of tubes and sections of all shapes and sizes.

New operator interface: everything readily at hand

To satisfy the diverse needs and to provide the best performance in all applications requires the right control functions and flexibility. This array of functions is made available by applying the best ergonomic criteria (meaning you can find the function you need right away exactly where you would expect to find it!). The system is easy to learn. The operator interface offers access to the appropriate options while hiding the ones which are not pertinent. This ergonomic concept is our idea of making a BLM GROUP system a pleasure to use.

On board help

All instructions for machine use and routine maintenance procedures can be seen on the operator console by means of videos and guided instructions.

Any operator can run the system and ensure the highest levels of efficiency.