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Success stories


The small lots strategy

The company takes its name from its founder Rubino Andreazza. Or rather, it takes part of the name and part of the surname since Rubizza is a perfect mixture of the two. However, Rubizza is also a perfect combination of the typical characteristics of the entrepreneur: passion for work, farsightedness, ability to make important decisions and the courage to take action also at less appropriate moments, even forcing the situation for a fundamental investment.

In 2003 the first laser tube installed at the company facility was the ADIGE LT702, which also holds the record of being the first BLM system sold in the region. The purchase of this machine was difficult considering that the investment was very binding for Rubizza at the time. Until then, the machines they had were simple tube bending machines and investment in the laser technology was a big commitment. However, Rubino Andreazza had understood the situation and with the support of the BLM Group made the big step proving to be a winner.


The partner supplier

the area dedicated for bending operations

To hear the company history told by Mr. Rubino Andreazza is exciting. Together with his wife Vainer Pagliarin Andreazza founded Rubizza in 1992 and made of it a company that today employs 35 people and is becoming increasingly important in Brazil.
"We started in a 100 sqm room where we moulded accessories for furniture. In 1996 our products were no longer commercialised on the market. Therefore, we started to bend tubes with a first "CNC" machine that was very simple. Thanks to this machine however, we gained the know-how and experience in the tube sector that proved fundamental to make us 100% job shop and penetrate other markets. We are looking at 1998 and from then on our company history, with the purchase of a first NC863 tube bending machine that allowed us to work for the agricultural machinery and automotive sectors, starts cooperating with the BLM Group. We put our bets on them and focused everything on product quality. A partnership relation was built up with the BLM agent, who help us to start-up and find work to operate the equipment.
Therefore, the cooperation has been an important factor; in fact today we have eight BLM machines, among which the laser machines in particular that have completely changed the operating mode and the production cycle. BLM is a partner for Rubizza. "When we were in need, we always received assistance and support", Mr. Rubino states.


High quality focus

bending round tube with variable radius

When the building facility was changed in 1999, Rubizza made another basic step in its growing and expansion process that in 2001 was confirmed with the purchase of a BLM SWING tube bending machine with R/L bending direction allowing to process also small and complex workpieces. However, this meant the passage from a simple bending to an automatic bending, that involved an important technological change. The most courageous and strategically fundamental step was made with the LT702 laser in 2003. "The laser was a challenge - says Andreazza - and after many years I can say I won. With the LT702, work has increased adding more important and demanding customers.
The company growth is confirmed by the regular frequency with which machinery is purchased. After the first laser, a second SWING tube bending machine was purchased. Then, from 2007 to 2009, another two new-generation tube bending machines were purchased. First a DYNAM0 ELE was purchased, and then an ELECT-L for tubes up to 80 mm in diameter, both all-electric machines. To end the cycle, in 2009, the second laser system was purchased: an LT8 Laser tube with 3D head designed to cut up to 220 mm diameter tubes. This equipment has made it possible for us to have job orders in the field of agricultural equipment and trucks.
Unlike what usually happens, the Rubizza laser history started off from the tube and only later did it cover steel sheet. In fact, two years ago, they also entered the flat laser sector to expand their range of action and diversify market outlets, considering the large steel sheet demand. Today customers look for quality, precision and respect of delivery times. It is not by chance that Rubizza is a reference point also for the S. Paulo area. Today, they have no competitors but partnerships with other companies of the area since they focus on top quality.
Rubizza does not refuse mass production, but prefers small lots to further confirm the entrepreneurial farsightedness of Mr. Rubino. This is, in fact, a strong point in a world where many refuse small quantities in favour of large ones. "Now there is no specific sector, we work a little for all sectors with small lots thanks to which the company has been able to grow. Obviously this requires high flexibility" concludes Rubino Andreazza.