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Success stories


The “fiber” further expands

Innovative laser-cutting solutions from BLM Group on Show at EMO 2009 in Milan

sheet samples cut with fiber laser

Thanks to its complete and diversified range of laser tube cutting machines, the BLM Group is able to offer customised solutions for all production needs. This remarkable range has been developed over the years by constantly investing in dedicated research with the primary goals of taking advantage of the technological innovations and, at the same time, responding to the emerging demands created on the market by these innovations.


In the last years, one innovation has particularly revolutionised the laser world: the use of laser sources with fibre resonators for metal processing. Even though fibre lasers, namely, lasers constructed within an optical fibre, have been very popular within the scientific sector, it is only recently that new laser sources, with enough beam power and quality for metal processing and cutting, have been developed. Laser light beams generated by solid-state laser sources, also with high-power intensity, were already transported within an optical fibre, although they were generated externally, and were already used in metal welding and cutting.


fiber effective on copper and brass tubes

It is not necessary to go into the technical details of this new technology to appreciate its potential. However, it is important to know that in the metal cutting world, the distinctive benefits offered by fibre laser (such as the possibility to cut highly reflective metals like brass and copper and the reduction in power consumption) make it an efficient complementary solution to the traditional and consolidated CO2 laser cutting technology which, at the moment, remains irreplaceable for many industrial applications.


The BLM Group is taking an active role in this technological revolution. In fact, the company has finalized, with substantial results, an important research program evaluating the implementation of these innovative laser sources on BLM machines. The success of this research will be presented in Milan at the EMO Exhibition, from the 5th to the 10th of October, where an "LT722" and an "LT Combo" will be exhibited equipped respectively with a 2 kw and a 3 kw fibre laser.