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Success stories


Supplying finished components

Eurometal S.A., Poland, aims at covering the entire production of aluminium alloys up to the finished product

bending of aluminum tubes

Eurometal S.A., producer of aluminium alloys and its derivatives, has a history of constant research for innovation and new lines of development that involve investments in machinery and quality certifications. Eurometal is part of the Eko-Swiat Group whose activity in the production of aluminium alloys starts back in 1990 and is now the parent company of the group. In 1993, it is the first aluminium alloy producing company to be ISO 9001 certified. In 2000 a second facility called Eurometal S.A. is opened and installs extrusion lines for the production of profiles and sections, followed by two 1,900 and 3,500 T presses and profile working systems.


2010 is the year of growth

Jakub Jarzabek, Director of Investments at Eurometal, who welcomes us with great courtesy, says "the corporate goal today is to cover the entire process from the production of aluminium alloy to the finished product, including surface treatment". The Eko-Swiat Group is the largest privatelyowned producer of aluminium alloys in Poland and its future forecasts are positive. "After a 2009 in which the growth levels were more or less the same as in 2008 - continues Mr. Jarzabek - we expect a greater level of growth in 2010. This optimism undoubtedly derives, at least in part, from the Polish market situation, which seems to have absorbed the world crisis with certain ease, but also by the fact that 30% of its production is for the export market, mainly towards the European countries. The main opening for Eurometal is the automotive industry with the production of alloy wheels and many other automotive products that are made of aluminium. The crisis that has hit the automotive industry worldwide and the need to innovate by finding new targets has helped the company to find other applications in the construction field, for example aluminium doors and windows, interior furnishings such as tables and chairs, and others still.


Searching for quality

Eurometal's main competitors are also located in Poland, but Eurometal has an advantage over them on which to base its growth perspectives. The fact of being a privately-owned company means that decision-making is efficient and quick, consequently the response to the customer. "Flexibility and promptness in responding to the customer's needs are key factors to stay on the market" says Mr. Jarzabeck. "Of course, these factors must be backed by a sound pricing policy and most of all by an excellent quality of the product". Mr Jarzabek is proud to inform that Eurometal has achieved the ISO TS 16949 certification, which is necessary in the automotive component field. And it is in this search for quality that Eko-Swiat came across the BLM group. The meeting took place at the Wire & Tube trade fair in 2004, when the goal of supplying finished components lead to the need of investing in machinery for tube bending. "We were looking for products with the maximum quality and absolute reliability - says Jarzabek - and we found them in the E-TURN 52 system". The system is one of the new all-electric tube bending models with 12 axes and the possibility of right and left bends during the process for tubes with a diameter of up to 52 mm. The allelectric technology of this system guarantees the utmost quality and extreme versatility thanks to the easy and reliable adjustment. The system was first installed to penetrate the furnishing market, thanks to its flexibility and speed, thereby allowing to meet increasingly demanding delivery times, but now it is also used for the automotive field.


On-going cooperation

During 2009 a further requirement for machining of components from tube and bars arose in the automotive industry. To meet this requirement, Eurometal again turned to the BLM Group for the ADIGE CM512, which is a specific cutting unit with two/four working mandrels that automatically performs various operations in a single process, such as cutting, bevelling, counterboring and threading of the ends and machining of complex profiles. The system will be installed shortly in the Eurometal facility and the cooperation with the BLM Group continues ...