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Success stories


Quality and aesthetics

Nautinox, Italy, adds electric lasertube and tube bending systems combined with human expertise and skill to implement nautical accessories of absolute quality

Emilio Cattaneo, owner and founder of Nautinox has the solid handshake and penetrating look of someone who knows that he has done something important and is quite rightly proud of it. "Now is the time to leave room for the next generation", he says, referring to his fine age of seventy that he doesn't show at all, "but what you see here is what has been built up from nothing with over 30 years of dedication and hard work".


The most suitable solution

laser application in small boats and yachts sector

Nautinox was set up in 1980, taking over a company operating in the nautical accessory field: ladders, motor supports, furnishings for 6/7 m long boats. Nowadays, the activity also includes accessories for 40 m boats and small yachts. In 1993, after the recession, Nautinox decided to invest and order from BLM, who was new to them, a "multipla", an automatic tube bender that allows the company to start its automation stage. In 2005 Nautinox takes the historical step towards laser cutting by installing an LT120 system. "It consumes very little" says Emilio. "At one time we used to outsource the laser cutting activity, but since having the system in house we have been able to develop more and more new solutions". Nautinox has therefore been able to count on the innovation guaranteed by the sound competence of those who work in the field. Customers recognise these features and in many cases ask for advice from various experts who know about the machines and the production processes and can provide interesting innovative solutions from all points of view, including the economic aspect, which also plays an increasingly-important role. If, on the one hand, large shipyards provide final drawings that simply have to be implemented according to specifications, the smaller companies leave us to give advice on the executive procedure and a laser machine often helps to find the right solution both from a functional and economical viewpoint. 2008 is the year of the all-electric E_Turn tubebending machine (12 axes, left and right bending in-line) that was built to produce complex components, contributing considerably to increasing the quality of the components, which is the main aspect in this field.


Masters of customisation

The company successfully combines two fundamental requirements of modern industry: industrial automation, which is found in automatic machines that allow precision components to be produced quickly and the artisan part in which particularly delicate operations are still skilfully handcrafted. The end result is impressive in terms of quality from all points of view, both aesthetic and industrial. The product line is a fine combination of quality machining and aesthetics that can be found in all the solutions that are brought to us, from upholstered chairs to the roll-bar for water-skiing. Nautinox customers are large boat building companies so it is pointless to expect large production volumes and that's why much care is paid to customising and producing extremely high-quality products. In fact, more too often, someone who wants to buy a boat wishes to have something unique that accounts for the heavy investment made. Private boats are now "tailor-made" to meet the requirements of the customer, who is increasingly demanding, therefore, the machine must satisfy their exacting demands. The context in which all the fundamental aspects of the machines for the Nautinox activity - as explained by Mrs. Cattaneo - "are the versatility in being able to quickly switch from one machining activity to another and the high automation, not to handle large production volumes, but more so to quickly meet the increasingly-demanding delivery times imposed by the market". Another important point of the BLM machines is that they are easy to use. Even the BLM technicians and sales people thought that some parts were difficult to make, but the machines manage to produce them with the precision and repeatability required. Today, the VGP software has made an important step in simplifying work. However, this factor must not be left aside, considering the ample use of fine materials such as AISI 316 stainless steel, titanium, passivating and pickled materials with mirror or satin finish. The need to provide our customers not only with a product but a service that involves time and quality implies the need to offer a reliable and efficient technical service for all the machines in the workshop. For this reason BLM is appreciated for its traditional assistance as well as the new instruments that have been adopted such as remote assistance which allows to save time when needed.