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Success stories


The winning wager

METRIO, Germany, has made lasertube technology the supporting pillar of its activity, winning over any initial market reticency

METRIO is a Job shop for all-round lasertube processing. The company has five machines that were purchased from the BLM Group back in 1998; two systems of the first LT series, an LT651 and an LT652 and then three more systems, an LT712, LT722 and an LT8 that has only recently been installed.


Less time more quality

laser cut tubes automatically unloaded

METRIO started its activity from a real entrepreneurial wager. One Christmas in 1998, Mr. Düser and Mr. Peuker, who were already expert in the tube machining field, decided to invest in laser technology, by buying their first LT651, a laser cutting system for round and square tubes, and starting his OEM activity in the lasertube field convinced of the product without even having a single customer yet. "In the beginning it was difficult" says Mr. Peuker, "potential customers were still not familiar with laser machining and they had to be taught". "Piece after piece, customers started to appreciate the time-saving and increased quality that laser machining can guarantee" adds Mr. Düser, who is Mr. Pueker's partner in the company. The LT651 equipped with a Rofin Sinar DC020 laser source was an excellent tool to practice laser technology applied to tube cutting and still today after many years, that system does its job when customers require special batches of small-sized products. At first, customers would come here with drawings of components to be made. Little by little we tried to develop the product together and a fundamental feature of the lasertube system was discovered; the flexibility which allowed designing new types of machining to create different solutions from the mechanical and aesthetic points of view. From then on, the real lasertube machining started to develop. In 2000 the second machine was installed; an LT652, mainly used in the fencing sector, even if it is not really a well-identified reference sector. Important applications were requested in the furnishing field with the production of indoor and outdoor lamps, for example. Since then, every four years a new machine has been installed; an LT 712 and an LT722 to machine elliptic tubes, which has helped us to become more aggressive in the fitness equipment market and to be selected as a supplier of an important brand. The working speed of the ADIGE systems on elliptic tube has been our ace of spades to get the orders.


Human capital

high quality cutting

"Having more machines means that the most-exacting customer demands can be satisfied in terms of delivery times and product quality" explains Mr Düser. "The market has changed and increasingly-precise machining is required for complex structures that are then welded by robotized systems. On the other hand, the market has not changed as regards delivery times, which has and will always remain an imperative issue". Fast delivery is increasingly important and it is not unusual to find that a customer arrives with a tube to be machined after having sent a drawing by email and prefers to have the truck waiting for the finished pieces. Therefore, the performance of the systems must always be at the highest development levels. In fact, competition is growing and this is why we need to have systems that are always at the top of the league. "This means - emphasises Peuker - that in an automated world, the human factor continues to play an important role in achieving the utmost of the systems installed and that the real capital of the company is in human resources". This is a principle that the BLM Group has always believed in.


Quality, always on time

To be at the top at all times, METRIO has recently decided to expand its workshop and add a new Lasertube LT8 system, the latest of the Lasertube family, which introduces a generation leap in tube processing systems. The combination of unequalled performance and a vast dimensional range (it can machine tubes up to 22 mm in diameter), the LT8 allows new markets to be accessed with extreme flexibility. "It is important to keep up with technology". "The machine - says Peuker - makes it possible to acquire new customers, for example in the structural building industry, where structures require different sized tubes and which to date METRIO was unable to penetrate as the customer required all its products from the same supplier. In conclusion, with the LT8 system to complete the remarkable workshop, METRIO is now specialised and stands out in the market for lasertube cutting thanks to the high quality it is able to supply at all times and on time.