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Success stories


Closer bends

The target market at S.B.F. TUBI, Italy, is the automotive industry; ideal for the BLM electric tube bending machines

S.B.F. TUBI was established in 1996 processing tubes on a contracting basis. Over the years, the company has evolved from simple tube bending or welding to a company that manufactures complete products. Mr. Musso, director of the plant explains that "this is the strategy to place oneself on an increasingly-competitive market". This evolution started in 2004 when an E-BEND tube bending system was purchased and continued to 2007 with the purchase of another ETurn system and in 2008 with the installation of a robotized workstation, increasing the initial turnover from 220,000€ to 7 Mil€. The target market is not only the automotive industry. The possibility of supplying solutions by focusing mainly on the quality of the final product also allows penetrating other markets such as that of domestic appliances. S.B.F. TUBI's strong point is product quality, which it achieves by investing in the machine shop that guarantees absolute levels of automation, precision and reliability, as well as in human resources that is the real capital of the company, as explained by the Managing Director, Vincenzo De Simone. The new building that has recently been implemented not only complies with all the safety and environmental standards, but also creates a comfortable working environment in which everyone can express their ability in the best possible way. In fact, a view of the offices first and then the workshop confirms that the environment is not only safe, clean and orderly, but also comfortable. Even the welding shop is extremely clean and the air that is breathed is absolutely clean thanks to the extremely efficient filtering systems.


Crisis as an opportunity

tight curves on tube for automotive

For S.B.F. TUBI the world crisis that has hit more or less everyone is not only considered a negative event, but it can be turned into an opportunity. In fact, by focusing mainly on the quality of the products and services offered while the market is undergoing changes and reorganization, S.B.F. Tubi is managing to get into new fields. The company's strength lies in the technical-productive component thanks to the process and material know-how, which helps it to provide solutions. In all this, the BLM machines play an important role, given their precision, reliability and sturdiness. The Managing Director, Mr. De Simone, comments on how the machines have been built with top quality components and this in turn reflects in the precision and repeatability of the machining processes. Mr. Musso expands on the concept by commenting that "BLM has made a big technological leap with the latest generation E-BEND and E-Turn all-electric tube bending systems and now manufactures products that are technologically at the top of their league".


Where quality is a must

The market trend, particularly the automotive industry, is pointing towards an increasing complexity in the components produced. Space inside vehicles is getting smaller and smaller and the complexity of the bent and shaped tubes is growing in proportion. Tubes have sharper bends that are closer to machined areas. Prices are increasingly competitive as regards mass-produced pieces where a compromise in quality is often acceptable; but with average lots where quality is imperative and where the characteristics of S.B.F. TUBI stand out better, the situation becomes rather interesting. Shaping machines are of great importance to the company, because it is thanks to them that many intermediate steps have been eliminated. Mr. Musso shows with comprehensible and justified pride some of the fittings made by shaping that have better characteristics compared to the previous ones produced by lathing and at a lower cost thanks to the fewer production steps required.