Easy to learn. Very easy to use

Software help for making increasingly more complex curved shapes.
Convenient, easy and efficient.

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I can import and recognise CAD files automatically. I can even import tubes with non-round sections. All in one environment, either in the office or on the machine.


Immediate verification of the match between theoretical and actual. Measuring the distance between the tube and the machine component. Measuring the amount of interference with other objects.


Full graphic part optimization. Eliminates waste. The operator is able to redraw the part and start the production without assistance of a set up person.


Export directly from VGP. Faster (1 min. vs. 3.5 min.) than from CAD. Export full 3D tube assemblies.

The software that makes the difference: VGP3D

The VGP3D three-dimensional programming software makes the real difference:
it checks part feasibility, eliminating the risk of collisions which typically occur during the first practical test run
it calculates the real cycle time in advance, slashing the time needed to write quotes
answer customers
it automatically generates the machine cycle

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4 operations > 1 single control point

With the VGP3D you have one machine program for both bending and forming.
This provides you with a complete production cycle time for estimating or production planning.
What is more, you can view all operations in simulation mode to check feasibility and optimize the process.

All from one single control point.

From the idea to the part in one click

It takes just a moment to start production: import a file directly from 3D CAD or input the tube geometric data. The VGP3D software automatically creates a ready to run part program.

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Guaranteed repeatability

All setup parameters are saved with the part program. No mechanical adjustments mean maximum repeatability of the parts during bending operations. Furthermore, tube forming is measured in real time to guarantee part repeatability without wasted time or efficiency.

All electric, much easier
Minimum setup time and constant accuracy

Electric axes control all machine movements (clamping, forming and force modulation) for accurate tolerances and maximum repeatability.


All setup parameters are saved with the part program.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Simplified wiring and the elimination of hydraulics reduces the need for maintenance and risks related to component wear. The obvious advantage is that the machine is safer and more reliable.


"All-Electric" technology means quiet and clean machines that proved major energy savings.

Anything is feasible

Anything is feasible with 4-RUNNER. Exploiting its potential to the highest level is very simple.

Choose your 4-RUNNER

The 4-RUNNER is offered in two different versions,
just choose the one more adapted to the tube and product you wish to produce.


Up to Ø 12.7 mm (0.5’’)

Straightens, end-forms, cuts and bends, with flexion or variable radius method. It can perform multi-radius, right-hand and left-hand in-process bending operations.

The system is particularly well suited for making flat and three-dimensional serpentines; these parts are typically used in the refrigeration, HVAC, automotive and household appliance industries.


Up to Ø 22.2 mm (0.875’’)

Straightens, end-forms, cuts and bends, with flexion or variable radius method. It can perform right-hand and left-hand in-process bending operations.

The system is particularly well suited for making pipes that carry fluids, typically for the automotive, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industries.

Your process in just-in-time perspective
Simplified logistics

No intermediate steps. No separate set ups for subsequent process. No work in process inventory.

Perfect repeatability and quality

The entire production controlled in the background.

Constant production quality

Across all shifts because everything is performed on one machine.

High automation

No expertise needed to run the system.

A device cut to your needs
A device cut to your needs

Inner orbital cutter

The tube is pre-scored for the subsequent parting operation. Provides chip-free cut off.

Outer orbital cutter

Outer orbital cutter


Disc cut off

Disc cut off

Very fast. Very versatile.

Bending technology on the 4-RUNNER
Compression and draw bending

Compression and draw bending

The 4-RUNNER H3 allows you to use flexion and stretching bending technologies to combine bending speed with the possibility of making short stretches between bends and/or between bends and formed ends. For the best flexibility and productivity.

In-process right-handed/left-handed bending

In-process multi-radius right-hand and left-hand bending from coil

The low-profile geometry of the bending head of the 4 RUNNER H1 allows right-hand and left hand in-process and multi-radius operations. It is ideal for making 3D serpentines with more than one bending radius and parts with particular complicated geometries.

Variable radius

Variable radius

Variable-radius bending offers many advantages, primarily more sophisticated bends and faster cycle times.

You will be spoiled by the choices

The 4-RUNNER can be configured and used with a variety of modules. You can use it for a single function / process or as a complete combined production process (from feeding to unloading cut, bent and end-formed parts). This modular system can be built according to your needs or added to over time.

  • Horizontal winder
  • Vertical winder
  • Jumbo winder
  • Compression
  • Draw
  • Variable radius
  • In-process right-handed/left-handed
  • All of which can be freely combined on the same part
  • Inner orbital
  • Outer blade
  • Outer orbital
  • With four ram stations
  • With six ram stations
  • With four ram+one rotary passes



Straightens. End-forms. Bends Cuts

See what’s possible